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Get A Better Discount Gas Card From Fuel Express

Discount Gas CardFuel Express offers the finest in fuel management solutions for your fleet. If you are considering obtaining a discount gas card to manage your fleet, please take a look at the multitude of services included with our fleet fuel cards. We believe that you will find that no discount gas card can compare to the convenience and service you will receive from Fuel Express.

Get your fleet the discount gas card that gives you more with fleet fuel cards from Fuel Express today!

Our fleet fuel card works similar to a discount gas card, but unlike any other discount gas card, Fuel Express' fleet fuel cards come with a variety of services to make tracking your drivers and fuel expenses simple. With our full service fleet fuel card, you can keep track of fuel use and travel time. Our around the clock support makes us stand out. We offer 24/7 support for every one of our fleet fuel cards. If you or your drivers should ever have a problem, simply call the toll free hotline and speak to a customer service representative. They are always available to assist you.

Acceptable At Nearly Every Gas Station in the Country

Nationwide, over 230,000 fuel stations accept Fuel Express' fleet fuel cards. This provides you with more locations to refuel your vehicles than most other discount gas cards can, giving you and your drivers convenience and peace of mind. Access to more gas stations provides you with the freedom to plan more efficient routes that will potentially save your fleet money. In this way, using Fuel Express' fleet fuel cards can make your company more competitive, while preserving a sound fuel budget.

Better than a discount gas card, a Fuel Express' fleet fuel card includes our unique tracking system. This service features a time log that will keep you informed of how long it takes your drivers to get from station to station, based on the purchases that post to the account. Our fleet fuel cards also monitor the amount of gas purchased by each driver. Every time a member of your fleet fuels up, the fleet fuel card records the amount of gas purchased and the location of the station.

Features That Make Fleet Management Easier

With this information at your fingertips, you will be even better able to manage your drivers' time and expenses. This assures you that you will have control over what your fleet spends monthly on fuel and allows for a more exact budget projection. You will be able to pinpoint what your fleet spends monthly with a monitoring system that might not come standard with any other type of discount gas card.

Fuel Express believes a discount gas card should protect our customers' finances. One way we provide this protection is through another important feature that comes with our fleet fuel card. Simply put, we offer security. We can help you eliminate fraudulent charges to your fuel expense account. We provide security that is more dependable than what you get with a typical discount gas card. You can rest assured that your fuel budget is safe from erroneous charges, should any of your drivers misplace their fleet fuel card.

Fuel Express' fleet fuel card goes beyond the services of a standard discount gas card in a very important way. For every fleet fuel card you purchase from us, your fleet will receive free support, available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. If you or your drivers have difficulties or questions with your account, we are here to help. A regular discount gas card may not provide you with this kind of support.

Fuel Express' fleet fuel card is a full service purchasing and tracking device. Our fleet fuel card makes it easy to manage your fleet's fuel consumption. It will help you track how effectively your drivers are using company time. You can use our fleet fuel card to better control your budget and keep informed about your fleet's monthly fuel expenses.

Better than a discount gas card, our fleet fuel cards provide you with the tracking, security and technical support that you need to keep your costs under control and your fleet competitive. For more information on how our fleet fuel card can improve the functionality of your fleet, please contact us today!