CITGO Credit Card

CITGO Gas Card

Give Your Fleet Drivers a Choice

At Fuel Express, we help fleet owners improve the management and efficiency of their fleet with one of the best fuel supply services available. We’ve combined the convenience of a CITGO credit card with the great features of a Fuel Express account to create our fleet fuel card. This card is accepted at every CITGO nationwide, just like a CITGO gas card, but can also be used at over 230,000 other fuel locations to give your fleet the ultimate in convenience.

We know how important your fleet’s reputation is. That’s why we’re collaborating with CITGO to offer you a fuel card that acts like a CITGO gas card to make your fleet’s travels easier. Since 1910, CITGO has been one of the most respected fuel providers in the country. The company is focused on improving the quality of life for the people of the U.S. by not only satisfying their fuel needs, but also putting some of their profits back into the community, so we understand if you like choose CITGO to fill up your fleet vehicles.

Optimize Your Fleet’s Proficiency

With fleet fuel cards from Fuel Express, your drivers will not only be able to fill up at CITGO, but they’ll also have the freedom to choose other fuel stations that are more convenient and not out of their way. With the features our fuel cards include, you can save substantial amounts of time and money and achieve better control over your fleet operations. You’ll be able to access an online account for every fuel card that shows you when your drivers purchased fuel, where they purchased fuel, and how much fuel they purchased, so you can create a better fuel budget for your company.

Our gas cards acts just like a CITGO credit card, but also offer 24/7 customer support, the pay-at-the-pump option, and security restrictions like card purchase limitations and pre-set spending limits. You’ll also enjoy email notifications for unauthorized usage. Get the best of both worlds with one CITGO fuel card.