Phillips 66 Gas Card

Phillips 66 Gas Card

Accepted at nearly every fuel station in the United States, including all Phillips 66 locations!

Enhance Your Bottom Line

Fuel Express’ fuel cards are accepted at over 230,000 locations nationwide. Apply today!

Today, the fleet industry is a competitive industry, which is why it’s important to find ways to reduce your costs and increase your efficiency. As a fleet manager, you’ve probably tried a few different methods to enhance your bottom line (including a Phillips 66 gas card), but when it comes to finding a balance between convenience and cost efficiency, the answer is in the way you refuel your fleet.

One of the disadvantages of using something like a Phillips 66 fuel card is that your fleet is restricted to using that company’s gas stations. This means that your drivers have to waste their driving time to make sure they are within range of a Phillips 66 station so they can use their Phillips 66 gas card. This decreases your fleet’s efficiency and results in a lot of wasted miles and money.

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Another disadvantage of a Phillips 66 gas card is that there are no restrictions on what your drivers can purchase. So when your drivers refuel their trucks, they’re also able to purchase unrelated items like foods and drinks. This means you have to go through all of their receipts to differentiate fuel purchases from other purchases, which can be time consuming, and tedious.

Give Your Drivers Flexibility

At Fuel Express, we provide gas cards that are accepted at over 230,000 fuel stations nationwide. This means your drivers aren’t limited to one particular fuel brand and can plan more efficient routes.

Also, unlike a Phillips 66 fuel card, you can create purchase restrictions so that your drivers only purchase fuel with their cards. And, since each card tracks the time, day, and location of your driver’s fuel purchase, you’ll be able to better organize information and track how long it takes for a driver to reach their destination.

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These are a few examples of why our fuel card is more useful than a Phillips 66 gas card. As an added bonus, you’ll enjoy 24/7 customer support and fraud alert. At Fuel Express we want to help you make your fleet as efficient as possible with our fuel cards. Get the perfect combination of the convenience of a Phillips 66 gas card and the great service of Fuel Express.