Valero Credit Card

USA Petroleum Gas Card

Don’t Limit Your Fleet

Valero Credit CardWant the convenience of a Valero credit card and more? A fleet fuel card from Fuel Express acts just like a Valero gas card, but features many other benefits. As a fleet manager, you can better manage the timing and efficiency of your fleet with these fuel cards and even reduce misuse of resources and fraud.

Many gas cards (such as Valero) limit drivers to one brand of fuel, but fuel cards from Fuel Express can be used at over 230,000 fuel stations nationwide. This means your drivers can choose the most convenient location while they’re on their journey, making the trip more efficient.

Manage Your Budget

Unlike a Valero credit card, our fleet fuel card lets you track how much fuel your drivers use. You’ll be able to see where each driver filled up and how much gas they used, which makes it easier for you to create and modify your fuel budget. Also unlike a Valero gas card, you’ll also be able to see how long your drivers take to get to their destination. and use this information to plan better routes. Being aware of where your fleet is at all times is the first step toward effectively managing it.

Reduce Your Paperwork

Fleet fuel cards from Fuel Express also let you limit the amount of money your drivers spend and the items they spend it on. This means you won’t have to sort through receipts. You’ll be able to reduce your paperwork even further by tracking all of this information with an online account. Also, the reporting tools keep all of your expenses recorded, so when it comes to taxes, filing is easy.

Every fleet fuel card from Fuel Express comes with live support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you experience any problems, just call our toll free number and speak with a representative. The advantages you get with our fuel cards add up to a more effective team and a better informed fleet manager. Apply today and choose a fleet fuel card over a Valero credit card for benefits that help you manage your fleet.