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Application DownloadBusinesses that want to stay ahead of their competition need to adapt the latest management techniques, technology and organizational skills into their daily operations. This is even more crucial for businesses that depend on their fleets. Fuel Express offers businesses fleet gas cards that keep them on the cusp of their competition. Fill out a gas card application today and begin to enjoy the benefits of our service. If you need the most effective fleet management tools to compete in today's economy, our fleet gas cards will make monitoring your fleet's productivity a simple process. Fill out a gas card application online today and give your fleet the resources it needs to increase its efficiency.

Our fuel cards are accepted at over 230,000 locations across the nation. This will give your drivers refueling options that won't restrict their productivity. They eliminate the need to have your drivers venturing off of their designated route to find a gas station that accepts their fuel card. Give your fleet drivers this type of flexibility and fill out a gas card application today.

Safety for Your Drivers

A concern of every company that uses a fleet is keeping their drivers safe as they travel across the country. Fill out a gas card application today and get your fleet security options that will protect them. Your drivers can safely pay at the pump instead of carrying cash. This will be especially appreciated if they're in a less than desirable area. All they have to do is swipe the card, fill up and get back on the road.

After you fill out a gas card application and get the fleet fuel card from Fuel Express, you can begin managing your fleet with ease. You can preset spending limits on each card that is linked to your account and implement purchasing controls that will only allow your drivers to use the card for fuel. You will know that every purchase on your fuel expense account will be for fuel and not for food, beverages, tobacco products or anything else you can purchase at a gas station convenience mart. They are a very effective way to keep your monthly fuel expenses under control. You will reduce operating costs and even reduce the time you have to spend managing your budget.

Manage Your Drivers' Spending

You can get online access with Fuel Express when you fill out a gas card application and set up your account. You can monitor all of the fuel purchases your cards are used for and run reports to help you better manage your fuel expenses. Our fuel cards will also help you with tracking driver and vehicle activity as well as the time, location and amount of each fuel purchase.

Completing our gas card application takes little time and effort, but once you get Fuel Express fuel cards, the amount of time you will spend managing your fleet will drastically decline. Our cards give you the ability to monitor your fleet's activities, better address your customer's delivery expectations and can even help you make sure that your drivers are on the right track to their destinations.

The Fuel Express fleet fuel card also comes with security features that can help you protect your fleet against fraudulent usage, which will lower your company's overhead. If we detect there has been suspicious activity on any of your fuel cards, we'll alert you immediately so you can investigate a stolen card.