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Marathon Gas Card

Accepted at Virtually Every Gas Station Across the County Including All Marathon Locations Nationwide!

Marathon Gas Credit CardWhy limit your fleet to only one gas station company?
Fuel Express is accepted at virtually every gas station across the United States at over 230,000 locations. Apply today!

If you are a fleet manager, then you probably spend a great deal of your time trying to find ways to cut expenses and increase efficiency. One of the biggest problems that you may potentially face refueling your fleet in the easiest, most economic way possible. There are many different options available for doing this, but many of them only increase the very paperwork and problems that you aim to eliminate.

One of the most popular ways fleet managers choose to refuel their fleet is with a Marathon gas credit card. These kinds of cards appear appealing at first, because they result in one monthly bill that can be handled by an accounting department very simply. These cards are generally easy to use, and are a great solution to your fuel distribution problems. However, a Marathon gas credit card can present many problems that actually get in the way of the productivity of your fleet.

Fill out an application for a Fuel Express gas card today and use it just like a Marathon gas credit card!

When you choose a Marathon gas credit card for your drivers, they are limited to using only Marathon company gas stations. Rather than planning the most direct, efficient route, they instead must make sure that they are within range of a Marathon station, in case they need to refuel. This can add many additional miles to your drivers' routes, and increase your gas bill dramatically. The Marathon gas credit card is not accepted anywhere but those specific stations.

Also, your drivers can use a Marathon gas credit card to purchase things other than gas. There are no restrictions on a credit card of this kind, which means that you have the onerous task of sifting through piles of receipts, sorting out legitimate fuel purchases from unrelated items. This adds up to a lot of time, and further reduces the productivity and bottom line of your fleet. In fact, it can create a true accounting nightmare.

Give Your Fleet Options; Not Restrictions

Rather than restrict or limit your fleet to something like a Marathon gas credit card, you should consider trying fleet fuel cards from Fuel Express. These cards are designed with fleet managers like you in mind. Our cards make the complex task of managing a fleet of vehicles a lot easier by offering our customers time saving features that will make their fleet more efficient. When you choose our fuel cards, you will see what a difference they can truly make.

Fill out an application for a Fuel Express gas card today and use it just like a Marathon gas credit card!

When your drivers use our fuel card, they will be able to purchase gas at over 230,000 different locations nationwide. They will no longer have to plan their routes in inconvenient and time consuming ways, like they would when using a Marathon gas credit card. Instead, your drivers will be able to plan the quickest and most direct routes that will increase their speed, and help your bottom line.

Our fuel cards are also excellent because they can only be used to purchase fuel. You will no longer have the unpleasant task of rifling through piles of receipts, sorting out unrelated items like you would if you had a Marathon gas credit card for your fleet. Your accounting will become much simpler, and you will be able to spend your time more productively.

Gauge Your Fleet's Efficiency

Another great benefit of our fuel cards is that they enable you to track fuel usage and mileage among your fleet. This is vital to determining how well your drivers are performing, and where any potential problems may lie. You will be able to track your driver's progress on their trip, by seeing how long it took them to get to each fueling station.  We can provide this information to you with 24 hour a day access to your account online. This online accessibility will display card activity as it is posted; in real time.

Also, our fuel cards come with 24/7 support. If you ever have a problem with your account, just call our toll free hotline.  One of our representatives would be happy to assist you with whatever you need. You'll be delighted by the level of customer service we provide for all of our customers.  We are here to make sure that your fleet keeps moving.

Your Fleet Will Reap the Benefits of Convenience

A Marathon gas credit card can get you all of the conveniences of using any participating Marathon gas station to refuel; but a fleet fuel card from Fuel Express can get you the same convenience and so much more.  Choose the fuel card that works for you. Choose the fleet fuel card from Fuel Express.