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Valero Gas Card

Accepted at Virtually Every Gas Station Across the County Including All Valero Locations Nationwide!

Valero Gas CardWhy limit your fleet to only one gas station company?
Fuel Express is accepted at virtually every gas station across the United States at over 230,000 locations. Apply today!

Want the convenience of a Valero gas card and more? A fleet fuel card from Fuel Express offers the same function as a normal Valero gas card, with additional benefits and tracking abilities. Fleet managers now can use their fleet fuel cards to assist with time management and efficiency improvement and even to reduce misuse of resources and fraud.

Many gas cards limit drivers to one or a few brands of fuel, while a fleet fuel card from Fuel Express offers more choices. A fleet fuel card from Fuel Express can be used at over 230,000 fuel stations nationwide. This allows drivers to choose the most convenient or most economical option for fuel. A Valero gas card can only be used at Valero gas stations, which may not be available when and where it is needed.  The Fuel Express card opens up your options and allows your drivers the convenience they need to make their trips more efficient.

Respect Your Budget with Fuel Express Fuel Cards

Unlike Valero gas cards, a fleet fuel card from Fuel Express allows businesses to track their fuel usage. Fleet managers can see where and when the most fuel was used, and which card purchased it. This makes it easier to create and modify the budget,and makes it possible to perceive any potential problems. A Valero gas card may yield the same amount of fuel, but fleet managers cannot track the most vital statistics like they would be able to if they used a Fuel Express fleet card.

With a fleet fuel card from Fuel Express, fleet managers can see how long it takes for drivers to move between each fueling station. This data, which is not available with a Valero gas card, can be used to maximize efficiency or plan routes more accurately. The first step toward effectively managing a fleet is being aware of that fleet's movement and fuel usage.  A fleet fuel card from Fuel Express can help you keep control over your fleet, and keep them moving in a more efficient direction.

Fill out an application for a Fuel Express gas card today and use it just like a Valero gas card!

Fleet fuel cards from Fuel Express also allow you to have the security in knowing that your drivers aren't using your card to make frivolous purchases.  Many gas station cards allow employees to purchase items other than gas, such as beverages and cigarettes. The fleet fuel card from Fuel Express eliminates these purchases and relieves you from the nightmare of having your accounting department sift through piles of receipts, looking for evidence of faulty charges to your account.

Fuel Express Cards Make Fleet Management Easy As Can Be

We can reduce the amount of paperwork you get every month, because fleet managers can access information from the convenient tracking features that Fuel Express offers.  You will have 24 hour a day online access to your account.  Your account is updated in real time, and will reflect charges as soon as they are posted.  You will be able to see where your drivers are when they refuel, and how close they are to their destination, by tracking their cards activity.

Our fleet fuel cards make it easy to determine fuel expenditures for tax purposes. The reporting tools keep all of your expenses recorded and stored.  You will be able to access this information whenever you would like, via your online account. These expenses can be accurately watched all year. This means less paperwork and fewer last minute surprises.

Fill out an application for a Fuel Express gas card today and use it just like a Valero gas card!

Every fleet fuel card from Fuel Express comes with 24/7 live support. If there are any problems with your account, simply call our toll free number and speak with a representative that will assist you with whatever you need.  This kind of service simply cannot be found with a Valero gas card.

Keep Your Fleet Moving Towards Productivity

These advantages add up to a more effective team and a better informed fleet manager. Having a fleet fuel card with reporting and tracking features can help fleet managers plan their employee's time for maximum efficiency and cost management. With this package of tools, it's easy to have a successful fleet. Choosing a fleet fuel card over a Valero gas card is the first step toward efficiency and growth in your business. Now, you can keep track of your fleet with 100% accuracy.