Fleet Fuel Card Features

Start making strategic decisions that increase fleet efficiency instead of chasing expense receipts. Fuel Express has developed a powerful yet flexible fleet fuel card program. Its features serve small fleets and scale easily for larger fleets. The cards empower you to control your budget, analyze miles per gallon for every vehicle, and so much more. Reporting tools organize expenses and fuel usage. Our cards reduce paperwork, alert you to potential problems, and help you assign resources in order to produce the greatest return.

Countless Benefits

Over 320,000 locations nationwide accept our fleet fuel cards. Your drivers will have convenient access to fuel and maintenance without needing to deviate from their routes. You choose the card assignment options that work for your fleet. Assign cards to specific vehicles, drivers, or both. Authorize fleet fuel cards to buy only fuel, maintenance services, or both. You can also set up security measures, like security code prompting at the fuel pump.

Track Driver Activity

As a fleet manager, you need accurate information about transactions and fuel usage to adjust operations and ensure efficiency. View transaction data as it happens with our online fleet fuel card accounts. See where, when, and what your drivers buy. Use miles per gallon data to select the best vehicles for every route. Use our GPS solutions in conjunction with the fleet fuel cards and see the full picture about all vehicle locations and spending habits.

Monitor Spending

Fleet fuel cards reveal the spending habits of individual drivers. Exception monitoring will let you know when a driver violates purchasing guidelines. To keep your fleet on budget, assign specific amounts to each card and restrict certain purchases as necessary. The fleet fuel cards from Fuel Express are customizable for your business.

Easy Budget Controls

The features and tools of our fleet fuel cards provide an immediate way to stop unnecessary purchases and place spending in the hands of trusted employees. Paperless reporting frees up your time so that you can focus on making effective management decisions.

Fleet Fuel Cards Applications

Fuel Express has been on the cutting edge of fleet management technology for decades. Our fleet fuel cards provide online access to transaction data, budget controls, and paperless reporting tools. These fleet fuel cards readily adapt to the unique needs of commercial fleets, small businesses, and tax exempt nonprofits. More than 320,000 nationwide locations accept the Fuel Express fleet fuel card. As the fleet manager, you can set maximum budgets, restrict certain purchases, and gain insights about fuel usage per vehicle.

Commercial Fleet Fuel Cards

Fuel Express fleet fuel cards simplify every aspect of tracking activity and expenses. Use your online account to build reports with real-time data and avoid time-consuming paperwork. Achieve precise budget control by setting spending limits for each driver or vehicle. Maintain fleet fuel card security as well with security code prompts at the fuel pump. All of these features increase your efficiency and integrate seamlessly with our GPS solutions.

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Small Business Fleet Fuel Cards

As a fleet manager for a small business, many tasks fall on your plate, and fleet fuel cards help you work more efficiently. Instead of waiting for receipts, your online fuel card account collects all transaction data as it occurs. Use the financial tools to restrict spending on a per driver basis so that only authorized transactions take place. Small businesses with limited resources also benefit from the top notch customer support provided by Fuel Express.

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Tax Exempt Fleet Fuel Cards

Charities, veterans’ groups, labor unions, social clubs, and political organizations can all benefit from our fleet fuel cards. The cards will effortlessly manage your tax-exempt transactions. Through an online account, you can set budgets, restrict purchases, and view expense data. Paperless reporting included with our fleet fuel cards saves precious time for nonprofit managers. Generate reports any time and adjust budgets to maintain financial priorities.

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Fleet Fuel Card Acceptance Locations

The Fuel Express fleet fuel card is perfect for any size fleet and is currently accepted at more than 320,000 locations across the United States. This means that your fleet can purchase fuel from virtually every gas station.

Accepted at Nearly All Gas Stations

Fleet managers get to see all real-time purchase transaction data in online accounts which correspond to each card. No more waiting for paper receipts or wasting time organizing expense reports. Our online accounting system organizes everything instantly. Help is always just a phone call away. Contact Fuel Express today to learn how the best fleet fuel card will control costs and increase ROI.

Your drivers will always be close to a fueling station that accepts our fleet fuel cards. The aggregate miles your fleet drivers save when they don’t need to go off route for fuel could be considerable. Fuel Express provides the same level of convenience as a gas station credit card, but adds robust budget control and reporting tools.

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GPS Solutions

Pairing fleet fuel cards with GPS solutions from Fuel Express unlocks the greatest potential for budget refinement and control. Every fleet fuel card transaction results in data that elevates the insights enabled by GPS. When you connect real-time purchasing data to vehicle location and activity, you gain a powerful online fleet management platform. Choosing Fuel Express fleet fuel cards opens the door to the benefits of GPS tracking software.

GeoTab GPS


The GO9 device from Geotab is barely two inches wide and fits into the OBD II port on vehicles. Once enabled, Geotab empowers managers to boost productivity by detecting excessive idling and stopping. Route updates can also be sent to drivers so that time-saving adjustments can be made on the fly. The fleet tracking features give you the information necessary to improve route design and lower fuel costs. Fleet monitoring through Geotab helps you catch safety violations and contact drivers with instructions. If an accident occurs, vehicle data could reduce liability costs. When you select the Geotab Garmin bundle, you gain an Electronic Logging Device that tracks driver hours.

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GPS Insight

What happens on the road no longer needs to be a mystery when you utilize our fleet fuel cards in tandem with GPS tracking. Google Maps and street view are built in to aid your drivers. Fleet managers can message drivers with updates, such as safety warnings or maintenance notices. You won’t have to be at your desk to stay in control. The Android or iOS mobile app puts these tools in your hand.

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Fleet Fuel Cards for Any Industry

Fleet managers in any industry can control their budgets effectively with fleet fuel cards from Fuel Express. The tools embedded in our fleet fuel cards make it possible to set firm budgets and restrict spending to the essentials. Online card accounts let you track spending and fuel consumption in real time. With Fuel Express, any organization that uses a fleet can improve its bottom line.

Automotive Fuel Card

Sorting through paper receipts will become a thing of the past when you switch to the Fuel Express fleet fuel card. Transaction details load directly into an online account. In addition to monitoring daily spending, you can stay on top of important maintenance tasks. When integrated with our GPS solutions, you can measure drive time, receive DTC alerts, and get service reminders.

Construction Fuel Card

Changing construction job sites and tight schedules mean that drivers need flexibility. Adjust fleet fuel card budgets to meet shifting needs, and stop unnecessary purchases with preset restrictions. Assign a different budget to each vehicle to help control transit costs for each job. Your online account will show you the dates, locations, and amounts of each transaction.

Delivery Fuel Card

Delivery companies need fleet fuel cards capable of tailoring a budget to every route. Fuel Express fleet fuel cards can be assigned to specific drivers or vehicles with maximum spending limits in place. When connected to GPS, fleet managers always know the status and location of vehicles. You can identify inefficiencies related to idle time, construction, bad weather, or accidents.

Best Fleet Fuel Card

Real-time data, budget control, and nearly universal nationwide acceptance place fleet fuel cards from Fuel Express above the rest. We can provide fleet operators with the best fuel credit card because we understand what fleet operators want. Every feature of our fleet fuel cards enhances efficiency. Drivers can stop and fuel up at over 320,000 locations. Our massive acceptance network does not limit you to specific brands or service station chains. Fleet drivers save valuable time because they won’t have to go off route to fuel up.

Fleet managers get to see all real-time purchase transaction data in online accounts that correspond to each card. No more waiting for paper receipts or wasting time organizing expense reports. Our online accounting system organizes everything instantly. Help is always just a phone call away. Contact Fuel Express today to learn how the best fleet fuel card will control costs and increase ROI.

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