Professional Fleet Management Solutions

Fuel Express provides modern fleet management resources that keep our clients competitive. We place tools in the hands of fleet managers that organize budgets and ultimately save money. We earn the trust of clients with clear financial agreements free of hidden fees. You pay no startup or annual fees to use our fleet fuel cards.

All of our services are geared toward satisfying the needs and priorities of fleet operators. Fleets of all sizes count on us for everything from fuel cards to advanced GPS solutions. We help our clients meet operational goals, protect profit margins, and increase efficiency on the road and in the office. Our fleet management solutions empower you to track per-vehicle expenses, control driver spending, and monitor budgets in real time.

Who We Are

Fuel Express opened in 1989 and has been on the forefront of changes and advances in fleet management ever since. When you choose to work with us, you tap into our deep reservoir of industry knowledge developed across three decades. We’re proud to deliver personalized service alongside customizable tools. We maintain strong and supportive relationships with our clients that result in measurable successes.

Our fleet fuel card program is built upon the Voyager financial system infrastructure. U.S. Bank manages Voyager’s state-of-the-art card acceptance network that is both flexible and highly resistant to fraud. Our friendly staff amplifies the benefits of this secure financial system with trustworthy advice and 24/7 availability.

What We Do

Fuel Express can help find smart solutions for any business or organization with vehicles on the road. We’ll show you how to optimize fuel budgets and improve fleet efficiency through your fuel card account. Regardless of your industry, we can adapt our resources to solve your specific fleet management problems.

After so many years in the industry, we can quickly recognize and understand the challenges that you’re facing. We’ll analyze your situation and recommend strategies for putting our fleet management resources to the greatest use. Businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies that work with us can stop wasteful spending and reduce driver downtime. Your drivers can buy fuel almost anywhere with Fuel Express cards. Fleet managers have the power to set firm budgets, restrict purchases, and track vehicle mileage.

Fleet Fuel Cards

Our fleet fuel card accounts produce paperless receipts and build expense reports that let you drill down into the data. You simply attach a fuel card to each vehicle and give each driver a PIN for making purchases. This system reveals total expenses for each vehicle while letting you monitor individual employee transactions.

Fuel Express Card

Fuel Express has designed every aspect of the system to support your fleet management priorities. Our fleet fuel cards meet the needs of small businesses, nonprofits, and large commercial fleets. The nationwide acceptance network includes nearly all fuel brands and locations. It lets your drivers choose the lowest fuel prices along their routes. You can use our fleet fuel cards to pay for maintenance as well. Fleet managers can monitor spending, adjust budgets, or customize fuel pump prompts in accordance with organizational goals.

GPS Solutions

As a fleet management services company, we do more than operate a highly efficient fuel card program. You can trust us to upgrade your fleet with versatile GPS solutions powered by the Geotab GO9 device. The GPS data collected by the system integrates with the fleet fuel card transactions. The results are finely detailed reports about vehicle movements and spending. You might detect problems like excessive idling or off-route driving. Multiple productivity-boosting features offer opportunities to reduce fuel costs or catch maintenance problems early. Use the included route optimization tools to shave miles off of your trips. Study mileage reports to detect sudden changes in engine performance before an inconvenient breakdown.

GeoTab GPS

The Geotab device opens the door to the Geotab marketplace where you can select upgrades suitable for your fleet. The GO TALK feature issues verbal alerts if drivers deviate from company policies. Fuel Express also offers the Geotab Garmin bundle. It works as an Electronic Logging Device that makes an official record of drivers’ hours.

Fleet Management Services

Each fleet fuel card assigned to a vehicle gives your driver an easy way to attend to vehicle-related expenses. Over 320,000 locations across the country accept our fleet fuel cards. With so many options, your drivers can choose the most convenient or affordable locations to stop for fuel or maintenance. You set the budget for each card and keep an eye on spending through an online account.

If any problems come up on the road, your drivers can contact our 24/7 customer service for speedy assistance. Fuel Express is also on the front lines in the battle against fuel card fraud. We regularly monitor accounts for suspicious activity, and you’ll receive an alert if we spot irregular transactions. Early detection of lost or stolen cards is a valuable component of our effective fleet management services.

Real Business Solutions

You can come to Fuel Express for standard fleet management tools or access a suite of advanced services. Our fleet fuel cards have strong budget control features. You can preset how much can be spent for any particular vehicle or set up purchase restrictions. All transactions are itemized within an online account accessible from anywhere. Pay-at-the-pump features and pump prompts enhance driver safety and speed up fueling stops.

As for GPS solutions, you can select the options that make sense for your fleet. Check vehicle locations with a basic GPS system or install on-board cameras that collect minute-to-minute information.

First Step Towards Better Fleet Management

Every business has its core strengths. Your organization is good at certain things, and Fuel Express has a proven track record in the fleet management industry. We’ve gathered many insights during our long history as a fleet fuel card provider. These have resulted in user-friendly accounts that inform you about every aspect of fuel spending.

We connect you with a secure and far-reaching fleet fuel card acceptance network and are proud to offer a range of GPS upgrades so that your fleet can benefit from the power of technology. You don’t have to invest time in perfecting an in-house solution when we can tailor our system around your management goals. We’ve stayed on the cutting edge of fleet management for years and invite you to experience the advantages of our service. Contact us today to get started!