Citgo Gas Credit Card

Company Profile

  • Vendor Name: Citgo
  • Headquarters: Houston, Texas
  • Year Established: 1910
  • Area Served: The U.S.


Citgo was begun by a gas and electric entrepreneur in 1910 and was originally called the Cities Services Company. The company originally offered gas and electricity to small public utilities and moved on to develop a pipeline system. In 1931, CSC created the nation’s first long-distance pipeline system that transported natural gas at high pressures. It stretched from Amarillo, Texas to Chicago, Illinois.

CSC moved into the oil business but at the height of its success, was forced to liquidate its investments in public utilities under the Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935 in order to stay in the business. The company expanded worldwide and first used the Citgo brand name in 1965.

In 1982, CSC was acquired by Occidental Petroleum Corporation and became a subsidiary named Citgo Petroleum Corporation. A Citgo gas card was introduced in the following years and in 1990, the company was sold to Petroleos de Venezuela.