Clark Gas Credit Card

Company Profile

Clark Fuel Card

  • Vendor Name: Clark
  • Headquarters: Naperville, Illinois
  • Year Established: 1932
  • Number of Locations: Over 700
  • Area Served: The U.S.


Emony T. Clark opened the first Clark’s Super Gas station in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1932. Unlike many other stations that offered mechanical services, this gas station only sold gasoline. In 1943, the company, now called Clark Oil, entered into the oil refining business and operated nearly 500 gas stations by the mid-1950s.

By the 1970s, Clark Oil was known as the largest independent oil refiner and marketer in the Midwest, operating around 1,500 gas stations and two oil refineries. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Clark Oil purchased several more refineries and in 1992, the company was bought by Horsham Corporation. Clark Oil’s name was changed to Clark Refining and Marketing until 2003, when Clark Brands was formed.

Today, there are over 700 Clark stations throughout 28 states that accept the Clark gas card.