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Gas America Gas Card

A More Structured Budget

We know that as a fleet, much of your budget is set aside for gas for your vehicles. However, if you don’t have a structured budget or a reliable fleet fuel card to help you create one, you may be losing more money than you think. Our Fuel Express fuel cards give your drivers the tools they need to stay on track. Each gas card notes the date, time, and location of each Gas America transaction without the need to save receipts. In addition, it will track the transactions from more than 230,000 other locations. And you’ll have access to these details at all times through an online account, so you can revisit at any time.

If you’ve had trouble with overspending or unauthorized purchases in the past, we can also help. Our fleet fuel card lets you set spending limits and purchase restrictions on each card to keep your budget (and your drivers) on track.

Access to the Best Gas Stations

When it comes to fleets, the best kind of gas station is one that is affordable and conveniently located. Our gas card offers access to every Gas America location as well as hundreds of thousands of other gas and maintenance locations. This lets your drivers choose the best one and get back on the road quickly.

Safety Features

The last thing you need is a ruined financial plan due to a lost or stolen fleet fuel card. That’s why we offer fraud protection for each card. We’ll keep track of regular activity and if we notice anything different, we’ll alert you immediately. In addition, we offer 24/7 toll-free assistance for both you and your drivers, so if something goes wrong, we can help you fix it.

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