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Gas City Gas Card

Whether it’s local or national, we know your fleet relies on vehicles and drivers to get things done. From cars to trucks to vans, our fleet gas card can help improve their efficiency by offering more than 230,000 gas stations to fill up at. We know that when your drivers are on the road, they’re on a schedule and don’t have time to drive around looking for an approved gas station. Our fleet gas card is good at every Gas City location as well as thousands more. This lets your drivers fill up at the nearest Gas City location or another brand and get back on the road.

An Easy Way to Track Your Drivers

Knowing where your drivers are can help you improve your business’s efficiency. With our fleet gas card, you can track each driver’s details on a daily basis. Each fleet fuel card links to an account that shows you the time, date, and location of each purchase. Here, you can not only keep track of the money spent, but you can keep track of where your drivers are on their routes.

In addition, with our GPS tracking feature, you can develop an even better tracking system for your fleet. You’ll be able to choose the best routes for the best vehicles and give your drivers an easy way to navigate through detours, traffic, accidents, and more. With reliable GPS tracking, they’ll be able to complete their routes faster and satisfy more customers.

Security for Every Card

We know security is important. That’s why our fleet gas cards offer a variety of security features to ensure the right people use them. We let you easily assign approved and blocked drivers for each fleet fuel card. In addition, we offer pump prompts like PINs, odometer readings, driver/vehicle IDs, and more when your driver swipes their card. We’ll also monitor the activity on each fleet fuel card and alert you if anything suspicious occurs.

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