Getty Gas Credit Card

Company Profile

Getty Fuel Card

  • Vendor Name: Getty
  • Headquarters: East Meadow, New York
  • Year Established: 1964
  • Area Served: Northeastern U.S.


The Getty Oil Company was founded in 1964 by J. Paul Getty. It quickly grew and in 1970, sold its European activities to Burmah Oil. In 1984, Getty was bought by Texaco, but still operated as a downstream entity. It co-branded some of its stations with Uni-Mart and formed a company known as Getty Marketing.

In 2000, Burmah Oil was purchased by BP and Getty Marketing was purchased by Lukoil, however the Getty trademark and trade name in the U.S. is still owned by Getty Realty (a subsidiary formed in 1971 to manage the real estate aspect of Getty fuel stations). Getty gas cards, however, have been converted to Lukoil gas cards.