A Fuel Express fuel card is not a

Giant Gas Credit Card

Fuel Express Fleet Fuel Card

Total Fuel Card Management

  • Accepted Virtually Everywhere
  • Track Vehicle Activity
  • Control Driver Spending

Our fleet gas cards can be used at any Giant location in the country. In addition our cards also track the time, date, and location of every purchase made and document a variety of driver details in an online account that you can access at any time. With the details we provide, you can take better control of your fleet and its success.

Card Controls

At Fuel Express, we know you want a fleet gas card that’s more than just an easy way to pay for gas. That’s why we’ve equipped our cards with controls that give you payment flexibility, tracking opportunities, budget features, and more. Each card can be assigned to a specific driver to make sure only that individual uses it and with the ability to set spending limits and purchase restrictions, you can control how much your drivers spend and what they buy. We also offer reports and alerts through our GPS solutions that can provide details like fuel usage, idle times, service reminders, and more.

Perfect for Any Industry

Our fleet gas cards are perfect for a variety of businesses (including commercial, corporate, small businesses, and tax exempt organizations) and can be a helpful tool no matter what the industry. Our fleet gas cards can help fleet owners take better control of fleets in industries like HVAC, pest control, floral, delivery, home improvement, and more. We offer a variety of customizable features to provide the information you need to run your fleet smoothly and improve your bottom line.

Consider our fleet gas cards if you’re looking to simplify your operations and give your fleet added features to make management even easier. Get started today.