A Fuel Express fuel card is not a

Gulf Gas Credit Card

Fuel Express Fleet Fuel Card

Total Fuel Card Management

  • Accepted Virtually Everywhere
  • Track Vehicle Activity
  • Control Driver Spending

Our fleet fuel cards can be used at any Gulf location in addition to more than 230,000 other locations around the country to improve the efficiency of your fleet. In addition, they come with a variety of safety and fraud detection features to make sure your drivers stay safe while they’re on the road.

Fleet Fuel Card Flexibility

As a fleet owner, we know it’s important to have flexible management options and that’s why we make our fleet fuel card versatile and easy to use. Each of our cards can be assigned to specific drivers, vehicles, or any combination, and can be used for fuel, maintenance, or both. We also offer flexible┬ábilling and payment options as well as options for tax-exempt organizations. Best of all, our fleet fuel cards are universally accepted to give your drivers the freedom to choose where they want to fill up.

GPS Solutions

Pairing our fleet fuel cards with GPS solutions from Fuel Express can help improve your operations. With GPS, your drivers can receive real-time traffic information so they can navigate around things like detours, construction, and accidents. And with the reports and alerts that you can set up, you can keep track of things like fuel usage, idle times, out-of-range incidents, and more. You’ll also have access to a messaging system and mapping system – all of which is in a convenient app that you can use while away from the office.

Find out how our fleet fuel cards can improve your fleet operations and improve your bottom line. Contact us today for more information.