Gulf Gas Credit Card

Company Profile

  • Vendor Name: Gulf
  • Headquarters: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Year Established: 1907
  • Area Served: Worldwide


In 1901, oil was discovered in Spindletop, Texas. This discovery led to the creation of the J.M. Guffey Petroleum Company and the Gulf Refining Company, which merged in 1907 to form the Gulf Oil Corporation. The Gulf name refers to the Gulf of Mexico, which is the area near to the oil discovery in Spindletop.

In 1911, not long after it was created, Gulf began pioneering the gas industry by introducing the first drive-in service station. The company also invested in over-water drilling and catalytic cracking refineries.

In 1984, the company merged with Chevron but today, the Gulf brand is owned by Gulf Oil Limited Partnership in the U.S. and Gulf Oil International outside of the U.S. Gulf still offers its well-known Gulf gas card to customers.