Marathon Gas Credit Card

Company Profile

Marathon Fuel Card

  • Vendor Name: Marathon
  • Headquarters: Findlay, Ohio
  • Year Established: 2005
  • Number of Locations: Over 5,000
  • Area Served: The U.S.


Like many other vendors, Marathon Petroleum Corporation can trace its roots back to the Standard Oil Company founded by John D. Rockefeller. It began as The Ohio Oil Company in 1887, which was purchased by Standard Oil in 1889. When Standard Oil was forced to divide in 1911 under the Sherman Antitrust Act, The Ohio Oil Company bought the Transcontinental Oil Company and named it “Marathon.”

In 1962, Marathon became the Marathon Oil Company and sixteen years later, in 1998, it merged with refining company Ashland, Inc. to form Marathon Ashland Petroleum. The two companies’ convenience store chains (SuperAmerica and Speedway) merged to form a subsidiary, Speedway SuperAmerica. MAP expanded throughout the Great Plains, the Midwest, the southeastern U.S., and Canada (but sold its Canadian operations to Husky Energy in 2003).

In 2005, Marathon Oil took full control of MAP and the company was renamed the Marathon Petroleum Corporation. In 2011, the company divided into the Marathon Petroleum Corporation and the Marathon Oil Corporation. Today, Marathon operates gas stations throughout the U.S. and offers its customers the Marathon gas card.