QuikTrip Gas Credit Card

Company Profile

QuikTrip Fuel Card

  • Vendor Name: QuikTrip
  • Headquarters: Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Year Established: 1958
  • Number of Locations: Over 620
  • Area Served: Midwestern and Southern U.S.


QuikTrip began in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1958 when Chester Cadieux and Burt B. Holmes opened their own convenience store. After it was a success, the two opened several more stores and by 1967, the company had 43 locations.

In 1971, QuikTrip acquired the Wichita division of Shopeze and began offering gasoline at all of its locations. In 1976, the chain decided to keep its stores open 24 hours and by 1977, the company had grown to 184 locations. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, QuikTrip had its own brand of goods, including QT beer. The “QT” stood for “Quittin’ Time.”

QuikTrip continued to expand throughout neighboring states and by 1997, it had 324 stores. It introduced QT Kitchens in 2005, a bakery and commissary that makes fresh sandwiches, fruits, wraps, salads and more.

Today, the company operates over 620 stores throughout 10 different states. It also offers its own QuikTrip gas card.