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Shell Canada Gas Card

When it comes to fuel management, we at Fuel Express know it can be stressful no matter what kind of fleet you run. With our fleet fuel card, however, you’ll get tools that can help you take control of your drivers, vehicles, budget, and more. Our fleet fuel cards will track the time, date, and location of every purchase your drivers make and give you a variety of tools to help improve your management. Track purchases with our gas card at Shell Canada and virtually every gas station.

Staying on Track

If your drivers have ever gone over your budget, we’re here to help. Each one of our fleet fuel cards features a spending limit option that you can set for the cardholder. This ensures that the cardholder doesn’t spend more than you want them to. In addition, you’ll have access to a purchase restriction function that lets you limit what items your drivers can buy; if they try to buy something unapproved, they won’t be able to. Both of these features can help you stay on track and stick to your budget.


Our fleet fuel cards can be coordinated with a state-of-the-art GPS system in each vehicle. This system lets your drivers plan out the most efficient routes for their deliveries and helps them stay alert to things like accidents, detours, traffic, and more. With a GPS system, they’ll be able to use their time efficiently and make deliveries faster, improving the productivity of your company. And with features like reports and alerts, you can track their efficiency.

Freedom of Choice

When your drivers have a fuel card from Fuel Express, they’ll be able to use it at any Shell Canada location as well as any other fuel station in the U.S. Our fleet fuel card is accepted at more than 230,000 locations to give your drivers the freedom of choice. Being able to stop at a location right on their route means your drivers can get back on the road quickly and complete their job.

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