A Fuel Express fuel card can be used as an

Texaco Gas Credit Card

Fuel Express Fleet Fuel Card

Total Fuel Card Management

  • Accepted Virtually Everywhere
  • Track Vehicle Activity
  • Control Driver Spending

Company Profile

  • Vendor Name: Texaco
  • Headquarters: Harrison, New York
  • Year Established: 1901
  • Area Served: Worldwide


Texaco was founded in Beaumont, Texas as the Texas Fuel Company in 1901. It immediately began growing by acquiring the Central Petroleum Company in 1913 and the Indian Oil Company in 1931. Texaco quickly became the first U.S. oil company to sell gasoline in all 48 states (Alaska and Hawaii joined the Union in 1959) in 1928.

In 1959, the Texas Fuel Company changed its corporate name to Texaco to better reflect the brand. That same year, it acquired McColl-Frontenac Oil Company and changed its name to Texaco Canada. Also in the late 1950s, Texaco bought Paragon Oil. Later, in 1988, the company and Saudi Aramco joined and formed a venture known as Star Enterprise. Texaco also formed a joint venture with Shell Oil Company called Equilon in 1998.

In 2001, Texaco merged with Chevron Corporation, which eventually gained the rights to the brand name by 2006. Since the merge, Texaco gas cards are being accepted at both Texaco and Chevron gas stations.