A Fuel Express fuel card is not a

Total Gas Credit Card

Fuel Express Fleet Fuel Card

Total Fuel Card Management

  • Accepted Virtually Everywhere
  • Track Vehicle Activity
  • Control Driver Spending

At Fuel Express, we know your vehicles and your drivers are essential elements in your fleet business. That’s why we offer fleet gas cards that are accepted at every Total gas station as well as more than 230,000 other gas stations nationwide. They also give you a way to control your spending, track your drivers, and more.

Spending Tools

We know developing and sticking to a budget can be difficult – especially when you have lots of people spending your money for you. That’s why our fleet gas cards come equipped with spending tools that can help you take control. With purchase restrictions and spending limits, you can determine what your drivers can and can’t buy as well as how much they can spend on a regular basis. Plus, because each of our fleet gas cards tracks the time, date, and location of every purchase made, you’ll be able to view each driver’s spending at any time.

Vehicle and Driver Safety

Keeping your vehicles and your drivers safe is important and we can help you do it. With knowledge like MPGs, vehicle diagnostics, and more, you can keep an eye on the health of each of your vehicles and note when they may need maintenance or repair. With our GPS tracking, you can know where each of your vehicles is at all times. This means if something goes wrong and you need the police or medical assistance, you’ll know where to direct them. In addition, you can set alerts for odd-hour incidents or out-of-range incidents to keep a further eye on your drivers.

When you know what’s going on with your fleet, you’re able to adjust your management process as needed in order to be successful and at Fuel Express, our fleet gas cards can help you do that.