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  • Track Vehicle Activity
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Trade Mart Gas Card

With a gas card from Fuel Express, your drivers will be able to fuel up at any Trade Mart location as well as virtually any other gas location in the U.S. Our fleet fuel cards are also good at a variety of maintenance locations and give you the tools you need to improve your business.

Improving Efficiency

At Fuel Express, we know that your fleet’s efficiency relies heavily on on-time deliveries and we want to help you improve them. When your drivers are able to fuel up their vehicles quickly, it allows them to get back on the road. They can reach their final destinations in less time and satisfy more customers. Our gas cards come with a pay-at-the-pump feature that lets your drivers simply swipe the fleet fuel card, fill up, and go. There’s no waiting in line to pay for gas, cash to worry about, or paper receipts to collect. Your drivers can choose the closest gas station on their route such as Trade Mart, fill up, and complete their deliveries faster for a more efficient fleet.

Online Accounts

If you choose a Fuel Express gas card, you’ll enjoy online accounts for each and every card. This account can be accessed anywhere you have internet. It will show you details like driver reports as well as purchase locations, amounts, and times. This means you can know where your drivers are and what they’re buying. Plus, with the spending limits and purchase restrictions that you can implement on each fleet fuel card, you can help keep your fuel budget in check and improve your bottom line.

GPS Benefits

To improve your fleet even more, we suggest our GPS Solutions. When you pair this feature with our gas cards, you have the opportunity to monitor your fleet even more. Our GPS lets you send personal messages and specific delivery routes to your drivers. In addition, it offers real-time traffic updates so your drivers can avoid things like accidents, detours, and more. Plus, we offer a variety of reports and alerts. You can track things like idle times, posted speeds, drive times, and much more. When you know how your fleet is operating, you can make the necessary changes to maximize its success.

Similar to a Trade Mart Gas Card

If you’re interested in a gas card that can be used at any Trade Mart location and thousands more, get started today!