How Is Gasoline Made?

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Gasoline is something individuals invest in on a regular basis. Whether you’re part of a fleet or you simply use your car to get to and from work, you need gasoline to make your engine run. However, have you ever stopped to wonder how gasoline is actually made? Here, our fleet gas card company dives into the process used to turn oil into fuel.

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Improved Efficiency Means a Better Fleet

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Fleets come in all sizes, from a small company with just a dozen vehicles to a corporation with hundreds. But no matter the size of the fleet, efficiency is a key factor when striving for success. When you have a fleet that’s efficient, you can improve your turnaround time, satisfy more customers, and increase your bottom line. At Fuel Express, we offer fleet fuel cards that can help you do that.

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How to Keep Your Fleet Drivers Happy

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Finding new drivers for your fleet can be time consuming and costly, which is why you probably want to keep around the ones you already have (assuming they’re reliable). In order to do so, consider these tips to make them happy and willing to stay with your company.

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20 Mistakes You’re Making While Driving

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When we first take our driving test, we know the rules of the road pretty thoroughly – how soon to put our blinkers on, how many feet to leave between a parked car and a fire hydrant, etc. But over the years, details like these can be forgotten and driving skills can begin to decline. In this blog, our gas card company put together a list of common driving mistakes that you should avoid in the future.

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