5 Tips for Truck Fleet Managers

truck fleet management

At Fuel Express, we know that there are many elements that go into successful fleet management – this is especially true of truck fleet management. Here, we share some tips for truck fleet managers to help simplify your operations.

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4 Tips for Hiring Great Fleet Drivers

fleet drivers

While your products or services are a huge chunk of your company’s success, fleet drivers can also contribute to your success. If you rely on fleet drivers to complete deliveries or tend to appointments, you want to make sure they’re drivers you can count on. Hiring the right people to work for you is an important step and here, we offer a few tips for the hiring process.

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A Few Tips for Parking Lot Safety

fleet gas card

Did you know that one in five accidents actually happens in a parking lot? While parking lots may seem safe, there are still dangers that may not occur to fleet drivers, and that’s why it’s important to stress safety to your fleet drivers. Here, our fleet gas card company shares some tips on how to stay safe in parking lots.

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5 Tips to Avoid Buying a Stolen Used Car

fleet fuel card

If you have a larger fleet company and you’re in the market for new vehicles, you’re probably planning to buy several of one model, all at once. But if you’re a smaller company or you’re only looking for a couple vehicles to add to your fleet, you may be considering the used offerings at a local car dealership. While there’s nothing wrong with buying a used car, there are a few things you should be aware of before committing – like how to avoid buying a stolen car.

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