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Fleet Management Made Simple

You’ve got a fleet to run, and you are trying to keep track of everything and everyone. Your fleet may be comprised of only a few vehicles or it may consist of hundreds of trucks and cars. How do you do it? Any way that you accomplish it all is impressive, but there’s at least one way that you can do more: apply for a gas card.

Doing your job well requires information. You can’t manage your team without being in the loop. You need a more secure and reliable solution, and that’s where a fleet fuel card from Fuel Express can help. There are plenty of reasons to apply for a gas card. Here, we’ll go through three of the most important for any business trying to save money and promote efficiency.

1. Activity Tracking

With a Fuel Express gas card, you’ll be able to see exactly where money is being spent and at what time. You can assign fleet fuel cards to specific drivers and block others, as well as use an online account to access all of the information in a single place. What’s more, GPS tracking and analysis will allow you to see the best routes and determine each vehicle’s miles per gallon fuel consumption. You’ll be better equipped to determine which vehicles should take on which routes and save money along the way.

2. Spend Monitoring

In addition to knowing where money is being spent, it’s important to know how much is leaving your accounts. Some drivers are better at spending wisely than others, and you can figure out just who that is. You can also restrict purchases to specific items and locations, giving you the power to control the money drivers spend. Eliminate inappropriate or frivolous expenses with the click of a button.

3. Budget Control

A Fuel Express gas card allows you to take control of your budget. Once you know your fleet drivers’ activity and spending habits, you can tailor the budget to meet your needs and save money. Create a comprehensive plan that integrates information about your vehicles, traffic conditions, and drivers.

Start saving today! Our process is simple and easy to understand. Once you’re approved, our Voyager app gives you the control you and your drivers need to get the job done. What are you waiting for? If you think Fuel Express can help you (and we can), then get a gas card today!