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Voyager app

If you’re interested in fleet fuel cards for your business, we also suggest downloading the Voyager app. This app can help your drivers streamline their delivery or appointment routes to improve their efficiency. The Voyager app offers a variety of benefits:

Fuel Locations & Prices

The Voyager app makes it easy to find the nearest fuel locations. Simply allow the app to access your location, then click on the “location pin” icon. You’ll find a list of the nearest fuel locations including their addresses and how far away each one is. The app will also tell you the current retail price of gasoline at each location. (This price is updated hourly, so you’ll always be in the know.)

With this feature from Voyager, your drivers will never have to wonder if there’s a place nearby where they can fill up. All they have to do is open the app and choose a place.

Planned Routes

When you have access to the Voyager app, you’ll be able to search and plan the best routes to your destinations. Simply click on the “road” icon and input your starting point and your ending point. The app will show you the best driving route for your journey. It will also show you the fuel locations and gas prices that are available along the way. Just click on one of the fuel location pins and the app will add it to your planned route.

Location Filters

If your drivers are looking for a more specific fuel location during their route, they can switch on a variety of location filters. Here, you can narrow down the nearest fuel locations by fuel type (unleaded, diesel, biodiesel, propane, natural gas, LNG, and many more). You can also filter the distance range (from 1-25 miles away) and by specific brands for your fleet fuel card.

The Voyager app also lets you filter your fuel locations by whether they are service locations and by what amenities they offer. Simply turn on which amenities you’re looking for and it will tell you the nearest location with those amenities. These could include brake repair, inspection, oil change, maintenance, tire services, car wash, 24-hour access, and much more.

Before you download the Voyager app, talk to Fuel Express about fleet fuel cards for your business. We can help you control your budget, track your vehicles, monitor your expenses, and more.