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business fuel cards

Today, many fleets rely on product or service deliveries for success. These include agricultural fleets, home improvement fleets, pest control fleets, and many more. At Fuel Express, we know it’s important to maximize deliveries and in order to do so, we offer business fuel cards. Here are three ways our fleet fuel cards can help boost your company’s delivery rate:

The Right Routes

As a fleet company, you likely have a variety of delivery destinations. It’s important to reach each one quickly so your drivers can complete as many deliveries as possible. When you supplement your business fuel cards with our GPS Solutions,¬†you can easily plan out the right routes to get to each destination. GPS lets you find the shortest routes and gives you real-time updates on traffic jams, construction, and detours. This way, your drivers can avoid delays, complete more deliveries, and satisfy more customers.

Faster Fill-Ups

When you choose brand-specific gas cards for your drivers, you limit their fuel options. Instead of filling up at the nearest gas station, your drivers will have to spend time searching for a specific one. When you choose our business fuel cards, however, your drivers will enjoy faster fill-ups. Our cards are accepted at more than 320,000 gas and maintenance stations and are easy to use. Your drivers can simply pull up, swipe their fleet fuel card, fill up, and get back on the road. Faster fill-ups mean less time spent at gas stations and more time on the road.

Paperless Purchases

Keeping track of paper receipts can be a hassle. That’s why each of our business fuel cards comes with an online account. The account tracks the time, date, and location of every purchase made on the fleet fuel card. This means your drivers won’t have to worry about collecting receipts and you won’t have to worry about sorting through them. You’ll have an easy way to keep track of your purchases so you can spend less time on organization and more time on business efficiency.

If you’re interested in improving your delivery rate and your bottom line, get a business fuel card today. We’re proud to help fleets in a variety of industries.