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fuel cards

You already know the major benefits of our fleet fuel cards: they’re accepted at more than 320,000 gas and maintenance locations nationwide, they can help you track your vehicle and driver activity, and they’re a great way to control your budget. However, there are other benefits you may not know about:

Pump Prompts

Keeping your fuel cards safe is important, which is why ours come with pump prompts. On each of our fleet fuel cards, you can set prompts that your drivers will have to answer before they can use their card. These prompts can include an odometer reading, vehicle/driver ID, a PIN, and more. Once they enter the prompt answers correctly, they can use their card to fill up their tank.

Flexible Billing Options

At Fuel Express, we know that each fleet owner is on a different schedule when it comes to finances. That’s why we offer flexible billing and payment options. You can choose when you receive your bill and when you’d like to make your payments so you can keep your budget on track.

Purchase Assignments

Two of the most important elements of your budget are your fuel expenses and your vehicle maintenance expenses. When you have fuel cards from Fuel Express, you can designate each one for fuel, maintenance, or a combination of both. This way, you can keep your expenses separate and have an easier way to track them.

Acceptance Locations App

If your drivers want an easy way to find the nearest accepted gas location, they can download the Acceptance Voyager mobile app for iOS or Android.  The app gives you up-to-date information on fueling locations, gas prices, and the best driving routes. You can also filter fueling locations by fuel type, car washes, maintenance service, and more.

Are you ready to enjoy all of the benefits of our fleet fuel cards? Fill out our online form and start to simplify your fleet operations. You can even pair our GPS Solutions with our fuel cards for added alerts, reporting, mapping, and more.