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Fleet Fuel Cards

Fuel Express Simplifies Fleet Management

Managing a fleet can take valuable time away from other aspects of your business. If you still rely on paper mileage logs and receipts, it’s time to upgrade to a modern fleet management solution using Fuel Express’ fleet fuel cards. You probably already manage payroll and banking online. By updating your fleet management processes, your investment will result in savings in labor, maintenance, and fuel costs. Our online system will automate many processes that you used to perform manually. Learn more about the five main benefits to using our fleet fuel cards.

1. Fleet Fuel Cards Track Activity

As your fleet drivers use their assigned fuel cards at gas stations, you will know the specific dates and times that they stopped. This will help you track and ensure drivers are sticking to their assigned routes. The system can alert you to unusual activity so that you can take appropriate action. In addition, if a vehicle seems to have reduced fuel efficiency, you can schedule the necessary service.

2. Monitor Spending with Fuel Cards

Track in real time the money that your drivers spend on gas and maintenance. The fleet fuel cards, which are linked to each driver with identification numbers, separate purchases into the categories that you designate. Eligible purchases are automatically approved. You won’t have to manually read receipts to make sure that you don’t pay for an unauthorized pack of gum or cup of coffee.

3. Easily Control Budgets

Set spending limits on the fleet fuel cards for fuel and maintenance categories separately according to your company’s budgets. Inappropriate purchases are automatically rejected at the register. The electronic system will save you hours of manually tallying receipts and comparing to budget columns. You also won’t have to spend time writing checks to reimburse drivers after the fact. If spending is unexpectedly high, you can investigate and make adjustments to the budget if needed.

4. Our Fleet Fuel Cards Are Widely Accepted

Your drivers need to be able to use their fleet fuel cards at nearly any gas station in order for the system to save you time and money. Luckily, Fuel Express cards are accepted at over 320,000 locations nationwide, which could potentially eliminate the occasions that your drivers might need to stop at a non-participating station. The wide availability of locations also reduces the downtime that your drivers spend traveling off of their scheduled routes for fuel stops. We provide an app to help them find the nearest fuel location.

5. One Stop Fleet Management

Fuel Express offers a complete suite of fleet management solutions, including our Geotab GPS tracking system. With GPS, you have access to more detailed information about your drivers’ behavior in real time. You may send GPS routes to vehicles, activate roadside assistance, and monitor compliance with company policies. You will know if drivers are speeding or not wearing their seat belts. The GPS system includes a route optimization module.

Company fleet management can be time-consuming, but not anymore with the help of Fuel Express. You need to control costs and keep vehicle operations efficient. Real-time monitoring, assisted by modern technology, will help drive down your fleet spending. Contact Fuel Express today to learn how our fleet fuel card fleet management solutions can help your business.