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fuel card

At Fuel Express, our fuel cards have been helping fleet industries simplify their business for years. A fleet fuel card gives your drivers an easier way to fill up while it gives you an easier way to manage your fleet. Here are just a few ways a fuel card can help:

1) Budget Organization

With a fleet fuel card, you can easily determine what your fuel budget should be. Our fuel cards each come with an online account that tracks exactly where your money is being spent, so you can see where each of your drivers used their fleet fuel cards and how much of their spending was on gas.

2) Less Paperwork

Because our fuel card tracks the time, day, and location of every purchase your drivers make, they won’t have to worry about keeping their receipts. This means that you won’t have to worry about trying to document and organize excess paperwork.

3) Restrictions & Limits

You can set a purchasing limit and specific purchasing restrictions on every fuel card that you distribute. This means your drivers can’t spend more than you want them to and will be able to buy only items that you approve of.

4) Route Tracking

When you track the time and location of the purchases that your drivers make on their fleet fuel cards, you’ll be able to determine how long it takes them to complete their routes. This lets you choose the right drivers and the right routes for your deliveries.

5) Time Saving

With a fuel card that is accepted at over 320,000 gas stations nationwide, your drivers will be able to fill up quickly and get back on the road. This can help them save time on their deliveries and in turn, increase your customer base.

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