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There are several methods of shipment that a company can use to distribute its products, including ground, air, and sea. Many choose fleet trucks because they are more readily available than planes or ships and are often an affordable option. Some of the most common products shipped via fleet trucks are:

1) Clothing

Clothing is very easy to ship via fleet trucks because it is not a food (so it doesn’t perish) and is not fragile (so there is no worry of it breaking during transport). It can be shipped using a truck of any size or shape.

2) Produce

Produce usually refers to fresh fruits and vegetables that are grown on a farm. Produce is commonly shipped by farmers via fleet trucks because they can ship a large amount of produce at one time.

3) Paper products

Paper products refers to actual paper (like printing paper or paper labels), but also refers to items like cardboard boxes, wood pellets, napkins, pulp board, wood chips, and more. These products can be loaded onto trucks and easily transported to places like home improvement stores and office supply stores.

4) Building materials

Because building materials like steel beams, concrete slabs, pipes, logs, etc. are┬álarge and very heavy, it’s common for companies to use oversized flatbed fleet trucks or tractor trailer fleet trucks to ship them around the country.

5) Vehicles

Every year, vehicle manufacturers spend billions of dollars to transport their vehicles to dealerships and individuals. When shipped by ground, vehicles like SUVs, cars, and trucks are carefully shipped on car carrier fleet trucks that hold about 8-10 vehicles.

6) Hazardous substances

When shipping hazardous substances, such as explosives or chemicals, companies usually turn to ground shipment to keep the materials safe during transit. They must follow regulations carefully; if they don’t, they may pay large fines or criminal charges.