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fleet fuel cards

As car owners, we’ve all heard myths about how to save money on fuel, but many of them aren’t true. Here are some of the most common fuel myths our fleet fuel card company has seen and the truth behind them:

1. Fill up first thing in the morning for better fuel value.

Many people think that gas is denser in the morning when it’s cooler outside, so if you fill up in the morning, you’ll get more gas for your money. The truth is that the gas is kept underground, and the temperature underground stays relatively the same throughout the day. So fill up whenever you’d like!

2. Change your air filter for better gas mileage.

While it’s good to maintain a clean air filter, modern-day fuel pumps are able to distribute the right fuel-air mixture to your car, regardless of how clean your air filter is. If you have an older car with a carburetor, however, keeping your air filter clean is a good idea.

3. Premium gas makes your car run better.

Premium gas is more powerful when burned because it has a higher octane rating, however, it barely affects a regular car’s performance. Premium gas is only beneficial in cars that are high-performance, so unless your owner’s manual specifies premium gas, it won’t make much of a difference.

4. Driving with the windows down gives you better fuel economy.

This myth has been around for a long time and whether it’s true or not depends on the speed you’re driving. If you’re driving relatively slowly around town, driving with your windows down will save you a little money on fuel. If you’re on the highway, however, it’s actually¬†more efficient to use your air conditioner.

5. The cheaper the gas station, the cheaper the gas.

Many people believe that gas stations that sell gas at cheaper prices (like some independent stations) are providing lower-grade gas. The truth is, all gas stations are regulated by the same laws, and independent gas stations usually get their gas from popular oil companies, so your gas is likely to be the same no matter where you get it.

6. Turning your car on and off uses more gas than idling it.

It’s safe to say this myth is very much a myth. If you idle your car for just 10 seconds, you’ll use as much gas as if you restarted your car, so avoid letting your car idle for long periods of time. It not only wastes gas, but constant idling can also damage your exhaust, cylinders, and spark plugs.

7. Fuel cards are a waste of time.

Some fleet managers believe that having your drivers use fuel cards to get their gas is a waste of time, when in fact, fleet fuel cards can actually save them time. Fuel cards from Fuel Express give your drivers access to over 320,000 gas and maintenance locations nationwide, so they can find a place to fill up right on their way to their destination instead of wasting gas trying to find somewhere acceptable.