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Best Small Business Fuel Card
Fleet managers need a versatile and secure way for drivers to pay for fuel and maintenance. An efficient fleet fuel management solution limits downtime and reduces administrative burdens. The small business fuel card from Fuel Express delivers every feature necessary to track expenses and improve productivity. This fuel card account grows easily alongside your business as you add vehicles or expand routes.

Excellent Budget Controls

The budget control features within a Fuel Express account prevent spending surprises on your expense reports. You keep spending in line with your projected costs by defining the upper spending limit for each vehicle. You can adjust your budgets as necessary when fuel costs or routes change. Purchase restrictions further empower you to curtail unsanctioned spending. You’ll have the ability to enable or disable certain transactions for individual drivers. For example, you could authorize some drivers for fuel purchases only. Your most trusted drivers could have full transaction privileges if you choose.

Nationwide Acceptance Network

Fuel Express attracts fleet managers because our fuel cards work nearly everywhere in the country. With our small business fuel card, your fleet won’t be limited to specific fuel companies or brands. Your drivers can swipe for payment no matter where your business needs them to go.

Universal Card Acceptance Saves Money

Plan your fuel stops along your routes instead of driving to specific stations attached to branded fuel cards. Fuel cards that work everywhere whittle extra miles off of your fleet’s travels. In addition to reducing wasted miles, universal card acceptance keeps drivers’ time focused on servicing their routes. Also, consider that a fleet card that is accepted almost anywhere introduces the chance to be able to shop by price. When a location offers a lower fuel price than competitors, you can take the opportunity to fill up.

Strong Fraud Prevention Features

Thieves love to get their hands on fuel cards, but Fuel Express makes it hard for them to succeed. The fraud prevention tools either block unauthorized spending or inform you quickly about disruptions in spending patterns. You can combat gas card fraud by using fuel pump prompts, daily limits, and exception monitoring. The fuel pump prompts allow you to ask for ID codes and odometer readings before authorizing purchases. Another option that foils thieves is the use of daily dollar or swipe limits. Exception monitoring presents a third tool for catching suspicious activity and shutting down a card.

Fuel Card Fraud Protection

Adapts to Fleets in Any Industry

Small businesses service nearly every sector of the economy. The construction, home health care, delivery, and HVAC industries fulfill different missions, but their fleets face similar challenges. Regardless of your industry, this small business fuel card defends your budget from wasteful purchases.

Streamlined Record Keeping

Fuel Express cards capture every transaction and itemize totals for each vehicle in the fleet. You and your team won’t spend time tracking down receipts or building spreadsheets.

GPS Integration Options

Fuel Express partners with Geotab and GPS Insights to provide our fleet customers with comprehensive fleet tracking solutions. Adding GPS to your fleet captures powerful data that you can use to unlock greater savings and safety.

Learn More About the Best Small Business Fuel Card

We understand that choosing a fuel card for your small business fleet is an important decision. Fuel Express has supported the mission of fleets for decades. As our customer, you can access our expertise and optimize your account for maximum results. Contact us about a fleet fuel card today.