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fuel cards

Fuel Cards Can Help with Budget Control

If you’re looking to cut down on expenses associated with fuel, a fleet fuel card can help you do it. Because our fuel cards can be used at more than 320,000 locations throughout the country, your drivers will be able to choose gas stations with lower prices. In addition, you’ll be able to set spending limits and purchase restrictions so that your drivers can’t spend more than you want them to and the fleet fuel card can only be used for approved transactions.

Regular Maintenance Can Keep Costs Down

Vehicle issues can range from simple to damaging and before you know it, you can be paying a lot more than you expected to in order to get your car back to normal. By keeping up with regular maintenance concerns like oil changes, tire rotations, belt replacements, and more, you can save yourself money, time, and stress. Create a maintenance log for each vehicle and keep up with it to cut costs and extend the lifespan of your fleet vehicles.

Diagnostics Can Curb Wasteful Driving

All fleet drivers should drive conservatively, but taking extra precaution in their driving styles can ultimately help cut down on costs. When you implement diagnostics in each of your fleet vehicles, you’ll be able to see idle times, average gas mileage, driving speeds, and more, and with this information, you can make sure your drivers stay conservative in their driving techniques. The better they drive, the less gas they’ll waste and in the end, the fewer costs they’ll accumulate.

GPS Can Improve Efficiency

When it comes to a business, efficiency is a major factor in success – especially if that business is a fleet business. When your drivers are efficient, they’ll be able to complete more projects or deliveries and in turn, make your company more money. With a GPS installation in each of your fleet vehicles, your drivers are able to easily choose the fastest routes and avoid things like traffic, detours, and accidents that can slow them down.

For more ways to cut down on your fleet costs, give our fleet fuel card company a call today.