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gas card credit cards

Today, many popular fuel brands offer their own gas card credit cards. While fleet fuel cards can be used to purchase fuel, they may not offer many other benefits. At Fuel Express, we suggest skipping these credit cards and opting for one of our expertly designed fuel cards instead. We know fuel is one the most important parts of your fleet business and we can help you simplify the process.

Location Acceptance

Many gas card credit cards are tied to a certain brand. That means these cards are only good at that brand’s location. When this is the case, your fleet drivers will have to spend time looking for an appropriate place to use their card. Once they arrive, they’ll not only be behind in their route, but they may also have to pay for gas that’s more expensive than another brand.

With fuel cards from Fuel Express, you can fill up your fleet vehicle nearly anywhere in the country. Our fleet fuel cards are accepted at more than 320,000 gas and maintenance locations nationwide, including nearly every big brand location. In addition, your drivers can use our cards for maintenance appointments at hundreds of maintenance shops. This means your drivers can easily stay on track. When they need fuel, they can simply stop at the nearest fuel station, fill up quickly, and get back on the road.

Card Assignments

When you choose a Fuel Express fuel card, you can assign each card to a specific driver(s) and block the card from others. This lets you rest easy knowing only the right person/people can use the card. In addition, you can designate each card for fuel purchases, maintenance purchases, or a combination of both. This makes it easy to track your spending and fine-tune your fleet budget.

Added Benefits

If you’re looking for more than just universal fuel and maintenance acceptance, don’t worry. We also offer GPS Solutions that you can add onto your fleet fuel card. Unlike regular gas card credit cards, you can link our fuel cards to a messaging system, GPS features, and a wide variety of driver and vehicle reports and alerts. GPS Solutions can help you track your fleet better. You’ll enjoy things like:

  • Drive time summaries
  • Posted speeds
  • Idle times
  • DTC alerts
  • Out-of-range incidents
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Fuel usage details
  • And more!

Plus with real-time GPS, your drivers will always be able to avoid things like traffic, accidents, detours, construction, and more to get to their destination on time. Don’t settle for gas card credit cards. Discover the benefits of a fleet fuel card from Fuel Express. Contact us today to learn more or fill out our online form!