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fleet credit cards

When you manage a fleet, fuel is one of the most important parts of your strategy. No matter how far your business travels or where you go, you’ll need fuel to get there. While some fleets opt for traditional gas cards to simplify their operations, we have something even better – fleet credit cards. Here’s what our fleet fuel cards can do for you:

Gas Station Locations

Traditional gas cards are designed to be used at specific branded gas stations. This may be convenient if that brand is in the area your fleet drivers travel. However, it can be a problem if that brand is not nearby. If your drivers can’t find a specific brand of gas, they’ll have to drive around until they find somewhere they can use their fleet fuel card. This means they’ll waste time during their routes and delay how quickly they can reach their destinations. With fewer completed routes each day, your company’s efficiency will drop and you’ll experience a bottom line loss.

At Fuel Express, our fleet credit cards are accepted at virtually every gas station nationwide – regardless of the brand. When your drivers use our cards, they can stop at the nearest gas station to their route and fill up quickly. Once they’re done, there’s no need to wait for a receipt – they can get right back on the road. With universal acceptance, your drivers can complete more routes in less time and improve your business.

Fuel & Maintenance

Vehicle maintenance is an important part of any fleet. No matter what kind of vehicles you own or lease, they’ll need regular maintenance in order to operate correctly and last as long as possible. With our fleet credit cards, you can designate each fleet fuel card to be used for fuel purchases, maintenance purchases, or a combination of both. This makes it easy to track your purchases and maintain your budget.

GPS Solutions

At Fuel Express, we offer something unique to fleet owners – our GPS Solutions software. When you pair our software with your fleet credit cards, you’ll have a comprehensive way to track both driver activity and your vehicles. Our software offers mapping, personalized messaging, and real-time alerts and reports so you can evaluate your fleet operations. These alerts and reports include things like:

  • Idle times
  • Fuel usage summaries
  • Out-of-range incidents
  • Posted speeds
  • Diagnostics
  • DTC alerts
  • Odd-hour incidents
  • And more!

Discover why our fleet credit cards are a better choice than traditional gas cards. Contact Fuel Express today to get started.