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Universally Accepted Fuel Cards

Big name fuel companies market fuel cards for business as a way to attract repeat business. At Fuel Express, we issue fleet gas cards that fulfill your needs. Universal acceptance is one of the ways that we help fleets manage their fuel budgets. Over 320,000 fuel and maintenance locations nationwide accept our fleet fuel cards. Our massive network includes all of the major national and regional chains plus small fuel retailers throughout the country. A convenient fueling location will be nearby no matter where your drivers need to go from day to day. Reach out to us today for more information or to get started!

Fleet Fuel Cards Can Help Your Business Save Money

With almost every fuel pump in the land accessible through Fuel Express, your fleet is well positioned to save money. The convenience of choosing fuel stations on your route improves productivity. Drivers don’t have to make side trips to visit certain locations associated with branded fuel cards. Staying on route saves time and increases your customers’ satisfaction.

On top of eliminating wasted miles going off route in search of fuel, you get to shop for the lowest prices. A fleet card with universal acceptance lets you take advantage of low fuel prices. Savings add up quickly when your fleet consumes thousands of gallons every year.

Access Thousands of Maintenance Providers

Our universal fleet fuel card acceptance network includes 60,000 vehicle maintenance providers nationwide. Jiffy Lube, CarQuest, and Goodyear are just a few examples of locations ready to swipe a Fuel Express business gas card. When your drivers need maintenance, they have a way to pay already in their pockets. Convenient maintenance payments mean that you can limit down time caused by emergencies like a damaged tire.

Effortless Recordkeeping

Automatic collection of transaction data is one of the top things that you need from a fleet fuel card. Fuel Express has an elegant system that issues clear expense records. At a glance, you can gather meaningful data about current total spending and spending per vehicle. A Fuel Express fleet fuel card account records all transactions electronically. You get to see all of the details for every purchase, including time, place, amount, and vehicle.

Fleet Fuel Cards for Business Protect Your Budget

With Fuel Express, you get universal acceptance for fuel purchases without entrusting a regular credit card to your drivers. Our fleet fuel card buys what your drivers need to operate while limiting your exposure to thieves trying to buy anything. Your business gets extra financial security when you can constrain fleet spending to just the necessities.

A Fuel Express business fuel card account also provides tools for strictly controlling the fuel budget for each vehicle. As the fleet manager, you determine the maximum level of acceptable spending.

Learn More About the Fuel Express Advantage

Fuel cards for business that have universal acceptance promote your financial goals. You gain the power to make strategic decisions that save fuel by shopping at the closest or cheapest locations. At Fuel Express, we’re in the business of supporting fleets instead of marketing a specific fuel brand. As a fleet manager in need of competitive solutions, we encourage you to contact Fuel Express today.