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Fleet Management Software

Manage Your Fleet with Ease

When you are running a small business, you know how important and challenging it can be to organize all the information you need for your budget. Fuel Express offers fleet management software that will help you keep your fleet organized, efficient, and within your operating budget. Our fuel credit cards can be used at more than 320,000 locations across the country, allowing your drivers plenty of options. Choose our software to manage your business; it is the perfect solution for all fleets, either large or small.

Track Your Employee’s Activity

With our fuel credit cards, you’ll be able to easily track your employees’ activity. Using our fleet management software, you can link fleet fuel cards to individual fleet drivers, allowing you to see where your employees are stopping for gas and other services. This can help you keep tabs on their location and ensure they are on track to get where they are heading.

We also offer GPS Solutions, which are designed to help you track your employees with more precision. With our GPS Solutions, you will be able to input the route you want each driver to take. You’ll be able to monitor the location of each of your drivers at any time. The GPS Solutions will also help your drivers out. Your fleet drivers will receive traffic updates related to construction or accidents, and the GPS will help them avoid the impacted area to minimize delays.

Monitor Your Employee’s Spending

Our fuel credit cards also enable you to monitor the spending of your employees. Since our fleet fuel cards are linked with our software, you can view all the purchases they make. If you notice that a particular driver is not spending the company’s money in a responsible manner, you can restrict their purchases and limit the amount they can spend.

Control Your Budget

Our fleet management software makes tracking and controlling your company’s budget simple. Since your employee’s fuel cards are all linked to the software, you can easily monitor where money is being spent. If needed, you can also limit or stop certain types of purchases from being approved to give you more control on how your money is being used. With our software, you can access all the account information related to each fuel card online, eliminating the need to keep track of paper receipts. Once you gain full control of your budget, increasing your profits becomes much easier.

Fuel Express would love to help your small business increase profits by gaining control of your budget and monitoring your employee’s spending and other activities. Our fleet fuel cards and fleet management software work together to make the whole process simple and straightforward for you. Get started online today!