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van fleet

If you have a van fleet as part of your commercial, corporate, government, or small business, chances are you spend a decent amount of your budget on fuel. This is common for many fleets, and there’s a way to make fuel management even easier: with fleet fuel cards from Fuel Express. We offer a variety of card benefits as well as GPS Solutions that you simply need in order to succeed.

Fleet Vehicle Tracking

No matter what your industry, you trust your drivers to stick to their routes and complete their deliveries or appointments. In order to make sure this happens, it’s helpful to be able to track your fleet vehicles. With our GPS Solutions, you can know where each vehicle is at all times. And when you pair GPS with our fleet fuel cards, you can know exactly what your drivers are buying along their routes. With these details, you can monitor each driver closely and make sure they’re working to their best capabilities.

Alerts & Reports

Instead of wondering how well your drivers are operating, why not set up alerts and reports that tell you? Our GPS Solutions offer a wide variety of options to inform you of what’s going on after your fleet drivers leave your lot. These alerts and reports include things like:

  • Activity details
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • DTC alerts
  • Idle times
  • Out-of-range incidents
  • Posted driving speeds
  • Fuel usage details
  • Service reminders
  • And much more

By keeping track of what’s going on, you can have a better understanding of your driver and van fleet performance. After you assess these details, you can make any necessary changes to keep your fleet successful.

Classic GPS Benefits

In addition to all of the other benefits our GPS Solutions provide, you and your drivers will get the classic benefit of GPS mapping. No matter where you travel to, you’ll get real-time traffic updates that alert you to detours, accidents, traffic jams, and more. This way, your drivers can avoid a situation that slows them down and can get to their destinations on time.

Discover how our GPS Solutions (as well as our fleet fuel cards) can help better your van fleet operations. Contact us today!