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Fleet Optimization Solutions

For measurable fleet optimization results, you can turn to Fuel Express. We provide tools that help fleets in all industries. Over 320,000 locations nationwide accept our fleet fuel cards that include versatile budget controls and security features. When combined with Geotab GPS fleet tracking solutions, you gain real-time business advantages and cut costs from many angles.

21st Century Fleet Optimization Solutions

Our fleet fuel cards collect valuable data every time your drivers swipe at a fuel pump. You can set up your account to require vehicle IDs and odometer readings among other things. The picture that emerges produces miles-per-gallon reports for each vehicle. At the same time, the GPS system records information about speeding, braking, and idling.

Fleet optimization becomes possible when you can:

  • Buy fuel almost everywhere
  • Monitor everything in one online account
  • Track MPG
  • Easily download detailed reports
  • Halt unauthorized spending

Fleet Fuel Card Budget Controls

Fuel Express keeps you in the driver’s seat when it comes to the budget. You can set budgets for each route, and even limit what drivers can buy with the fleet fuel card. You could extend full purchasing privileges to some drivers and restrict others to buying just fuel.

The Next Level With GPS

Fleet fuel cards from Fuel Express integrate with GPS solutions from Geotab. The small GO9 device connects to a vehicle’s OBD II port and creates an efficient and powerful fleet management system. We help you set up the system so that you can realize all of the many benefits enabled by GPS. We even have adapters for connecting GO9 to older vehicles.

GPS Fleet OptimizationOnce you activate GPS, you can:

  • Provide customers with accurate ETA information
  • Spot reductions in engine performance right away
  • Plan more efficient routes
  • Adjust routes to avoid accidents or construction

Improve Driving Habits

Some drivers use fuel more efficiently than others. NFC fobs that you assign to each driver gather data about their driving behavior. With our GPS solutions, you’ll know who idles excessively, takes unexpected detours, or stops for long periods. Any steps that you take to reduce idling save fuel and protect your budget. On top of cutting down on fuel waste, your fleet could make a dent in insurance costs. GPS data about speeding and braking prior to accidents could help you defend your fleet from damage claims.

Electronic Logging Device

Geotab products work as your fleet’s ELD solution. You’ll save time on paperwork because the system collects driver hours and tracks inspections. Your ability to stay compliant will increase with less effort on your part.

Get Started With Your Fleet Optimization

Fleet optimization relies on getting many things right. Our fleet fuel cards and GPS solutions bring together all of the elements that you need to manage. We know how to improve your fleet’s efficiency. Reach out to Fuel Express today to get started.