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Fuel Cards Save Gas Money

Our Fuel Cards Have the Solutions You Need

Fuel costs for your small business might feel beyond your control, but fuel cards can help you shave expenses. A Fuel Express account provides real-time transaction data, streamlines record keeping, eliminates overspending, and blocks fraudulent purchases. Learn more about the countless perks of our fleet fuel cards including:

No Hidden Fees

Saving money starts right away when you optimize fleet operations with fuel cards from Fuel Express. We charge no setup fees or annual fees to use the card designed to meet the demands of fleet management.

Identify and Halt Overspending

Simply assign a card to each vehicle in your fleet and we’ll provide individual pins for each employee. Actionable insights about fuel spending will be at your fingertips through your online card account. As card activity occurs, transaction information reveals the time, place, and amount of every purchase. You won’t need to wait for paper receipts to float into the office to confirm compliance with your spending policies.

Purchase Restrictions

You decide ahead of time whether to authorize a driver to buy anything other than fuel. You may designate some cards for only fuel while allowing other cards to pay for fuel and maintenance.

Easy Reporting

Reporting tools in your online account organize paperless receipts and prepare data for use by accounting software. With less time spent on record keeping, you can apply your attention to adjusting your budget and correcting inefficiencies.

Strong Fraud Protection

Fraudulent transactions can undermine the budget of a small business in a single day. You can customize the settings on your cards to require inputs at the pump before authorizing purchases. Choose from fuel pump prompts that ask for employee ID, vehicle ID, or odometer reading. You may also use protective settings like daily swipe limits or exception monitoring that alerts you to strange activity.

Pay with Fuel Cards Everywhere

Every minute and mile matter on the road. Fuel cards from Fuel Express are widely accepted at over 320,000 locations nationwide. Your drivers have the freedom to pull in at the most convenient fueling stations and shop for the best prices.

Get Started

A Fuel Express representative is available to discuss the precise needs of your fleet. Our fleet management tools serve every kind of small business. Let us help you save money on fuel and reduce administrative burdens. Contact us today for more information or to get started!