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fleet insurance

If your fleet business has been successful for a sufficient period of time, you may be thinking about expanding it. This expansion probably includes more vehicles and more drivers to help grow your business, which means you may also want to expand your auto insurance policy to protect your new investments. Here are some suggestions from our fleet fuel card company:

Physical Damage Coverage

Having a larger fleet means having more vehicles to worry about. By increasing your physical damage coverage, you can increase your peace of mind and know that your vehicles are protected from collisions, falling objects, and theft.

Roadside Assistance

If you regularly maintenance your vehicles and keep them in good shape, your drivers probably won’t experience many breakdowns. However, anything can happen, so investing in a roadside assistance program is never a bad idea. Your drivers will have someone to call if they have engine trouble, a flat tire, need a tow, and more.

Driver Training

By having a firm driver training program in place, you can educate your drivers on the importance of safety and how to use caution when driving a vehicle. In return, this type of training can help lower the number of accident claims you file and get you a lower insurance rate.

Liability Coverage

If you’re thinking about expanding your fleet, you’re probably going to hire new drivers. While driver training can help make sure they know the rules of the road and the rules of your company, you may want to increase your liability coverage until they become drivers you can always trust to drive safely.

Policy Combinations

If you haven’t already taken advantage of combining insurance policies, now may be a good time to. Many insurance providers offer discounts when you bundle your business, vehicle, liability, and other insurance policies together.


Consider raising the deductibles on your insurance policy. Even though lower deductibles can give you a more comfortable feeling, having higher deductibles for a larger fleet can save you money in the long run.