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How to Get a Gas Card
The team at Fuel Express understands that fleet owners and managers want a simple process for setting up fleet fuel cards. If learning how to get a gas card is on your to-do list, then apply for our fuel card program. It only takes a couple minutes to get started, simply fill out our online form.

Added Perks Of Learning How to Get a Gas Card

Our versatile fuel card system adapts to fleets of different sizes. Whether your company operates hundreds of vehicles or only has ten vehicles, we welcome your fuel card application. Our gas cards deliver many benefits that allow you to improve efficiency and reduce expenses. As an added perk, over 320,000 locations accept our fleet fuel cards. Wherever your vehicles go, you’ll have the means to track and control fuel spending.

Detailed Online Activity Tracking

You can pull up real-time information about specific vehicles through online fuel card accounts. Fuel Express card tracking enables a precise calculation of miles per gallon for each vehicle. This valuable information helps you select the best performing vehicles for each route. If you see a sudden drop in mileage, then you can check the vehicle for mechanical problems.

Monitor and Manage Spending

You can assign fleet fuel cards to every driver or only specific drivers who you trust to make purchases. Spending can be limited to just fuel, maintenance, or both. You control everything and can adjust budgets as you deem necessary. These budget control tools make it possible for you to stop unnecessary purchases. The online reports also eliminate the hassle of organizing paper receipts. Our paperless system automatically generates purchase data about date, time, driver, and location.

Powerful GPS Options

While you’re investigating how to get a gas card, consider upgrading your fleet with the Geotab GO9 device. This comprehensive GPS tool lets you track all vehicles on their routes. Geotab also collects vital data that could aid you during an accident investigation. The Geotab Garmin bundle provides an electronic logging device for compliance reporting.

How to Get a Gas Card Today

Since 1989, Fuel Express has stayed on the cutting edge of fleet management solutions. Partner with us to boost your business’ productivity and reduce paperwork. Learn more about how to get a gas card and complete the Fuel Express application today.