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Fuel Credit Card

Questions to Ask About Fuel Cards

As a fleet manager, you appreciate the convenience of fuel credit cards. Below, you will find the four essential questions to ask to make sure that you select the best fuel credit card that will save your company the most time and money.

1. Does the fuel credit card provide budget control features?

You can place spending limits on Fuel Express fleet fuel cards to keep driver expenses within your budget. These limits may be set according to fuel and maintenance expense categories. In addition, the system will automatically prevent drivers from charging items that are not permitted. You won’t have to search through receipts to find the unauthorized ham sandwich.

2. Does the fuel credit card allow me to track driver activity?

Each Fuel Express credit card is assigned to a specific driver. You can view their activity online to track where they have been traveling and when they stopped at a gas station along their route. The online system also calculates mileage per gallon for each vehicle.

Over 320,000 locations nationally accept Fuel Express fleet fuel cards. Your drivers will not need to travel far off of their route to find a participating station. The extensive Fuel Express network will minimize or eliminate the number of times that drivers must use non-participating locations. This ensures that you will have complete data to monitor spending and driver activity.

3. Does the fuel card allow me to track money habits and monitor spending?

Fuel Express makes tracking simple. You can monitor each driver’s purchases online with detailed reports outlining the dates, times, and locations of each charge to the fleet fuel card. When it comes time to pay the bill, we offer many payment options.

4. Are there additional features available that could help my fleet?

Fuel Express offers GPS tracking with Geotab for more detailed real-time monitoring of your entire fleet. You simply place a small device in the OBD port of each vehicle. With this system, you can send optimized GPS routes to drivers. You’ll get automatic notifications of accidents. Detailed data on speeding, braking, and seat belt use make it easier for you to enforce your company’s safety policies.

Contact Fuel Express today to learn more about how our fuel credit cards will help your company save time and money.