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Gas Card Benefits

You’ll Do More Than Just Save at the Pump

Time is money. With a centralized management system for your fleet’s fuel expenses, the Fuel Express gas card benefits empower you to stay on budget and increase efficiency. Our goal is to provide a fleet management gas card that puts you in control of your drivers and their spending when out on the road.

Convenience for Your Drivers

One of the most important gas card benefits is the ability for your drivers and vehicles to stay on route and not have to divert to find a specific gas station. With acceptance at over 320,000 fueling locations, Fuel Express’ fleet gas card keeps them moving.

Prevent Fraudulent Charges

Your drivers can be prompted to input their odometer reading, employee or job ID, and other vehicle information to prevent your company’s gas card from being used for anything other than its intended purpose. You can also control what locations, days, and times your fleet gas card can be used. 

Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting

You’ll be able to access purchase records and reporting with ease. You’ll also receive alerts about unexpected changes in miles per gallon, shifting purchase patterns, excessive fuel purchases, and disruptions in purchase trends.

Control Your Expenses

With detailed information about your fuel purchases, you’ll be able to better control what your drivers are spending money on. You can control what your gas card is able to be used for away from the pump.

Get Gas Card Benefits from Fuel Express

Take control of your fleet with the Fuel Express fleet gas card. Real-time monitoring and flexible controls headline our gas card benefits and keep your fleet on track. We also have GPS tracking available to make sure your vehicles are where they are supposed to be. Contact Fuel Express today to learn more about our fleet gas card.