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Gas Card Application
Gas cards from Fuel Express give your fleet drivers the flexibility to choose gas and service stations near their routes. Our fleet fuel card program is not tied to specific brands or companies. In fact, over 320,000 locations accept gas cards from Fuel Express. After completing our short gas card application, every intricate aspect of fleet management will be at your fingertips.

Reasons to Complete Our Gas Card Application

At Fuel Express, we’re dedicated to giving fleet managers the tools that they need to succeed. Our gas cards are oriented to your needs for flexibility and control instead of a specific fuel provider. With our gas cards, you’ll upgrade to a robust fuel purchase and tracking system. You can take the pulse of your fleet in real time with reports about spending and per vehicle fuel usage.

Closely Monitor Your Fuel Budget

Your fleet fuel cards connect to an online account where you can monitor all card activity. You’ll see when and where purchases are made. Itemized data about what was bought will be provided as well. The system records miles per gallon for each vehicle. You can set caps on spending to keep your drivers on budget. Every fuel card can be linked to specific vehicles and drivers. You can authorize some employees to make purchases and prevent others from spending based on your preferences.

Pay for Maintenance

Our fuel cards go beyond gas and diesel. Our network includes service stations where your authorized drivers can purchase parts and repairs with their gas cards. You can even control whether a driver can buy just fuel or fuel and maintenance.

Powerful Reporting Features

Reports generated by your fuel card account build a high-resolution picture about your spending. The details will empower you to spot inefficient routes or driver behavior that impacts fuel efficiency. Use the data to fine-tune your operations and reduce expenses.

Complete Our Gas Card Application to Get Started

Your path to greater efficiency and lower costs starts with our gas card. We only need a few facts about your company and fleet. A Fuel Express representative will follow up with you to complete the process. We’ll help you customize our versatile fleet fuel card program. Tap into the powerful resources at Fuel Express and fill out the application today.