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Corporate Fuel Card

Feature-Rich Corporate Fuel Card

The Fuel Express corporate fuel card goes far beyond the capabilities of a typical debit or credit card account. Our card puts your fuel budget front and center so that you can run your fleet at peak efficiency. Each fleet fuel card account enables hard wiring of your budget while remaining flexible enough to make changes on the fly. In the process, we connect you with real-time transaction details and collect valuable data about fuel usage and spending behavior. All of this works within a massive nationwide fuel card acceptance network of over 320,000 locations.

Enforce Spending Policies Easily

When you leverage the powerful features from Fuel Express, you can ensure that each driver complies with your budget. Preset spending authorizations will limit certain drivers to fuel purchases only. You can grant other drivers the ability to buy fuel, maintenance, and other items as needed. At any time, you can check your online account to view transaction details about purchase locations, amounts, and times.

Secure Corporate Fuel Card

Fuel Express cards include versatile security features to prevent losses due to a stolen card or employee theft. Our 24/7 customer support can shut down a stolen card as soon as you call. The system also lets you require fuel pump prompts that create barriers between thieves and company money.

Available fuel pump prompts include:

  • Odometer reading
  • Vehicle ID and odometer
  • Driver ID and odometer

Effortless Record Keeping

No one will ever need to organize paper receipts or enter spending data by hand again. The online account for each corporate fuel card can quickly build numerous types of expense reports. As the fleet manager, you’ll track operating expenses with real-time spending data about each driver, vehicle, or route.

Advanced Analytics

Fuel spending reports combined with data about miles per gallon reveal insights that could lead to system-wide improvements. Countless reporting options empower you to analyze fleet operations from many angles at a glance. The cards also pairs seamlessly with our GPS solutions to build a highly detailed picture of fleet movements and spending.

Reduce Fueling Down Time

Your drivers can choose fueling locations closest to their routes. They can even shop for the lowest prices on their routes because of nearly universal card acceptance. Stop trying to make a generic credit card work for your fleet. Choose the proven fleet management corporate fuel card from Fuel Express. To improve your bottom line, get the corporate card today.