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Fuel Cards Maximize Fleet Efficiency

At Fuel Express, we understand what fleet managers need from a fleet fuel card. We’ve designed a flexible card with robust capabilities that adapt to fleets of all sizes. With a Fuel Express card, you can track drivers, gain valuable insights about spending, and stick to your budget. On top of these powerful benefits, you’ll face almost no restrictions on where your drivers can use a card from Fuel Express. Over 320,000 locations accept our fleet fuel cards throughout the country.

Every fuel card ties in with an online account. Your access to real-time data about the times and locations of purchases will enable you to correct inefficiencies. Fuel Express recognizes the ebb and flow of revenue that most fleet managers have to deal with. You can select flexible billing options that fit the realities of your business. We accept multiple forms of payment.

Fuel Card Activity Tracking

When you integrate the card with your drivers’ GPS systems, you’ll achieve precise fleet management. After assigning fleet fuel cards to drivers, you’ll see where everyone is at any given moment. As you monitor the big picture, you could identify better routes that save time and fuel.

Spend Monitoring

Information collected about who purchases what will allow you to manage your budget effectively. You can provide feedback to drivers who might not be making the best purchase decisions. Your control extends to purchase authorizations as well. You can customize the authorizations for each card. In addition to spending limits, you can determine whether a driver can buy fuel or maintenance services. When you need to defend your budget, card-based restrictions will prevent drivers from buying unnecessary items.

Our Fuel Card Will Help Control Your Budget

The tools embedded in each Fuel Express fleet fuel card allow you to proactively manage spending. You won’t have to wait for paper receipts to hit your desk to find out what was going on. You’ll catch overspending as soon as it starts or prevent it entirely.

Even as the fuel card ensures that you stay on budget, each driver enjoys the flexibility to buy fuel when it’s most affordable or convenient. Your drivers won’t be limited to specific companies with our massive nationwide network of service station partners. Access all of these benefits by contacting Fuel Express today.