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Truck GPS Tracker

Decrease Your Costs and Improve Efficiency

Enjoy having a wealth of information at your fingertips with the GPS Solution software from Fuel Express. With our real-time truck GPS tracker, you can make decisions right away and enjoy immediate savings. Away from the office, you can still access your data with our mobile app for Android or iOS.

The intuitive software relies on a mapping interface, Google Maps, that is already familiar to you and your drivers. You’ll be able to set up the system and get rolling with minimal training time.

Manage Fuel Consumption

One of the biggest, and most unpredictable, costs of maintaining a fleet is fuel. Not only do gas prices change daily, but factors such as weather, aggressive driving, speed, and road terrain also impact fuel economy. Take control with data provided by our truck GPS tracker:

  1. Collect miles per gallon data, which allows you to make better vehicle purchasing and utilization decisions.
  2. Spot if a vehicle has an abnormally high fuel consumption, which is an indicator of possible mechanical problems.

Monitor Driver Behavior

You need your drivers to complete their routes in a safe, efficient manner. Your company’s reputation rests on accident-free driving. You must also comply with state and federal transportation and labor laws. In addition, you need to contain your overtime costs. With our truck GPS tracker, enjoy these features:

  1. Google Maps displays show where your drivers are at any moment.
  2. Real-time traffic updates help route your drivers around congestion and accidents.
  3. Monitor time spent driving and idling, which can help spot drivers making overly long stops.
  4. Send notes to your drivers on the road.
  5. If a driver needs emergency assistance, send help to their location utilizing the GPS information.
  6. Know how frequently your drivers are exceeding posted speed limits.
  7. Get immediate alerts if a vehicle goes outside of a defined area, or operates outside of expected hours.

Contact Us Today for a Demonstration

Note that our truck GPS tracker should be paired with our fleet fuel card program. Please apply for a fuel card if your company has a minimum of 4 vehicles and/or utilizes a minimum of 100 gallons of fuel per week. The fleet fuel card is accepted at most major brands of gas stations and maintenance centers, representing over 320,000 locations across the United States.

Contact us for an analysis of your fleet, at no charge, and for a demonstration of our tracker software. We will show you how you can simplify your fleet management.