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Fleet Optimization

The fleet management tools provided by fleet fuel cards from Fuel Express fit the needs of small business owners. Our flexible features, online accounts and reporting tools provide vital operational data about your fleet. You won’t have to navigate a system designed only for large companies. Our solutions empower small fleet managers who need to monitor and control spending. You only need 4 vehicles or fuel usage totaling 100 gallons per week to benefit from our fleet fuel cards.

Perks of Fuel Express Gas Cards

Simply assign fuel cards to specific drivers or vehicles and watch real-time spending data appear in your online account. Each account provides you with transaction details about purchase locations, amounts, and times. As information comes in, you’ll gain insights about how to adjust and control your budget.

While the fleet fuel card system records spending, it collects data about miles per gallon for each vehicle. This information might allow you to match ideal vehicles to specific routes and reduce fuel costs. Sudden drops in fuel efficiency will give you advanced warning about mechanical problems.

After setting up your drivers with individual fuel cards, you might discover spending differences among your team. The budget controls within the system enable you to set purchase restrictions. You can also limit purchases to just fuel or authorize trusted staff to buy fuel and maintenance services.

Fleet Management Through Budget Control

The tools embedded in our fuel cards create a single platform for fuel budget management. You’ll be able to set the fuel budget for each route and prevent excessive spending. Our paperless reporting tools will save you time as well because you won’t have to reconcile receipts from multiple sources.

Upgrade to GPS Fleet Tracking

Once you start using our fleet fuel cards, you can take advantage of our partnership with Geotab. The Geotab GO9 device sends GPS location data about your vehicles to the online account. You’ll have the ability to spot detours or excessive idling. The data is also useful for optimizing your routes and potentially reducing fuel consumption.

Small fleet owners interested in improving operations with modern technology receive personal service from Fuel Express. We provide training so that you can get the most from our fleet management tools along with continued customer support. Get our fuel card today!